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Last updated 12:19 PM on 15 June 2017
Yr 8 Science Explore Lake Jindabyne 

Yr 8 rate Lake Jindabyne's water clarity to be high!

8B recently undertook a Waterway health check on Lake Jindabyne as a part of the unit "Toxic Lake". Using a 0 – 10 rating system, under categories such as land use, human modifications, input from pipe and drains, water clarity, smell, litter, vegetation and evidence of animals, an overall numerical value was given to our Lake.

Opinions varied, however the general consensus is that water clarity rated high and impact of land use and natural vegetation rated quite low.

An absolute highlight for everyone was spotting a Hydromys chrysogaster (a common Australian water rat, also known as a rakali).

Yr 8 Science Explore Lake JindabyneYr 8 Science Explore Lake Jindabyne